Whether you’re Pepsi or a hometown bank, social media is a must

The Biggest Shift

Social media is becoming a mandate for brand managers. Looking at the way consumption of the medium is, it makes sense for companies to use social media to reach where the customers are: on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Perhaps the easiest social media platform for companies to adapt to immediately is Facebook.

The infographic called The Biggest Shift shows that Facebook usage is still rapidly growing, with 3.5 billion pieces of content added each day.

You may see Facebook as a bunch of status updates from friends telling you where they’re going or complaining about the weather or showcasing their photos. This is all fun (and/or annoying) and social, yet major brands and small businesses alike are using Facebook as an advertising tool in place of or in addition to more expensive branding campaigns on television, radio and in printed publications.

A couple of the top brands on Facebook (there is a long list including Starbucks, Converse and Red Bull — you get the hint: popular, fun products):

Coca Cola: 41 million likes on Facebook. They have fun, engaging content.
Disney:   Close to 36 million like this page. But, hey, it’s the happiest place on earth to be, right?

So what about your business? You’re not a mega company, and you have serious points that you would like your audience to learn about and engage in through social media. Take a look at what others are doing:

Kindred Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky has a very comprehensive Facebook page with close to 16,000 likes. While the hospital system announces events on the page, it also tells personal stories of how the company has helped people through cancer treatments or rehabilitation after surgery.  The Facebook page is updated with interviews from healthcare workers explaining how they do their jobs — and this is the meaning of social media, to connect (albeit electronically) people to other people. People who need a business want to connect with other people in business. In fact, the cover photo on their Facebook page says it all: it’s a smiling woman in a hospital bed. She’s happy with her stay at Kindred and you leave the page with the feeling that you will, too.

On a larger scope, or if you are a public company or an association that has to interact with board members and affiliates, you can learn from Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson has attracted 30, 225 people to its Facebook page to network with its shareholders and companies. The news updates range from quarterly earnings to touting their support for Safe Kids USA. This is a very interactive way for employees and business partners to be involved and share news from Johnson & Johnson on their Facebook pages or linked Twitter accounts as well, so the message of what the company is doing can lead to an endless number of impressions, or views, online.

While The Walston Group, LLC  prides itself on having strong media ties, we also use social media to help clients connect to customers, lawmakers, business partners and constituents. It’s important that your message be taken to the people, rather than wait for them to surf to your website. While you’re busy doing what you do, a PR firm can let the world know what you do.

The Walston Group, LLC offers:

  • An online presence to monitor your brand and competitors
  • Blogs that explain your company, your mission, your product, your brand
  • Facilitated content as determined by your company
  • Social media staffing on Twitter and Facebook

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